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1 PLEASE HELP SAVE MARCUS GUYS READ MORE!! on Fri Nov 07, 2014 6:47 pm


The family of the critically ill young father have been ‘treated inhumanely,’ writes Zita Holbourne
Written by Zita Holbourne 
29/10/2014 04:36 PM

[size=11]LOVED: The father-of-two's family say Croydon Hospital has given up on him

MARCUS CAMPBELL, a 22-year-old father, based in Thornton Heath, is in a critical condition at the Croydon University hospital in South London, after he was transferred against his family’s wishes earlier this month.
On July 7, Marcus was taken to Croydon complaining of nausea and blurry vision but was sent home after being diagnosed with a virus.
Days later his face was sagging on one side and he was having difficulty standing. His mother Sandra took him to St George’s Hospital in Tooting where he was diagnosed with a rare inflammation of the brain stem. He was then transferred to Croydon University hospital.
The family have launched a campaign to have him moved to a specialist hospital following a shocking decision by the Croydon hospital, that should his heart stop they will not resuscitate him on the basis that in their view ‘he will die anyway’. The petition to ‘Save Marcus’ has quickly gained over 26000 signatures.
Following a meeting between hospital personnel and family members on October 19, the hospital called police who tried to escort the family off the hospital premises due to a false accusation by the hospital.
Family members had to point out to the police that they should not just take the word of the hospital without first listening to the family’s version of events.
After that meeting, the hospital allegedly banned all family members from visiting Marcus, causing additional anguish to an already stressful situation.
They subsequently allowed only Marcus’ mother to visit, but it allegedly took five days for the ban to be lifted and other family members allowed to visit.
It has been claimed that the hospital’s head of security has instructed that any family member who wishes to pray at Marcus’ bedside must seek permission on an individual basis each time, which is discrimination on religious and a breach of their human rights.

CRITICALLY ILL: Marcus Campbell is in and out of a coma

One member of staff is believed to have told a family member, ‘Don’t read the bible to him, it won’t help, he’s going to die anyway.”
Another allegedly told Marcus’ mother she should take his things home as he won’t be needing them again.
It is an absolute disgrace that, on top of stating they will not adhere to the family’s and Marcus’ own wishes to be resuscitated should his heart stop beating, the family should be treated so inhumanely from professionals charged with caring, healing and saving lives.
The family has staged a series of protests outside of the hospital, the most recent on October 25, which was attended by local MP, Steve Reed who has pledged his support.
This peaceful protest allegedly resulted in security barring access to the hospital, allowing white visitors to enter but not black visitors on the basis that they might be supporters of the family’s campaign.
This is clearly racism and makes me wonder if Marcus was white would he and his family have been treated the same way?
The challenge to this inhumanity, injustice and discrimination needs the support of all of us.
BARAC is supporting the campaign to Save Marcus but the family are asking that the wider community stand with them too.

Please sign the petition on Change.org; http://www.change.org/p/please-save-marcus-please-sign-the-petition-to-s..., follow the campaign on Twitter @PlsSaveMarcus and / or join the Facebook page; Please Save Marcus.
For further information please contact barac.info@gmail.com.
Zita Holbourne is a trade union and community activist, poet, writer, artist and curator and the Co-Founder / National Co-Chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC) UK
Posted on: 29/10/2014 04:36 PM[/size]

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