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Cocktails With - Nicole Murphy

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FORTY-SIX is looking good on Nicole Murphy. Recently separated from former NFL star and TV co-host Michael Strahan, and ex-wife of comedy star Eddie Murphy, the lean and lovely lady was in Montego Bay last weekend as a celeb guest at the annual OCEAN Style Fashion Showcase, and her bikini-perfect body is drawing admiring and lascivious looks as we sit next to her poolside at Iberostar Rose Hall Resort and Spa, to dish about motherhood, why she loves alpha males and her business interests as a vintner.
You're no stranger to Jamaica, are you?

I used to come here often years ago with my ex-husband Eddie Murphy and our children. We would go to Half Moon. I can't even count how many times we've been there — it's been a lot of times. I've been back, of course, maybe three or more times.
What's your favourite thing about Jamaica?

The people. Honestly, I have encountered amazing people. They are so friendly and beautiful. They can cook!
What's your favourite Jamaican food?

The curried chicken is my favourite. In the mornings when I visit the kitchen at Iberostar, they have the best curried chicken. I had to ask who made the curried chicken because it was soooo good. I found out that it was Ernest and while I haven't met him yet, I need him to teach me how to make it. I do cook but I need to take Ernest home with me.
Heads snapped at the OCEAN Style Rose Hall fashion show after your wardrobe change in your body-hugging, long-sleeved Walter Mendez bodycon dress. I mean, you've had five children how do you keep that body so fab?
My eldest is 25 and the youngest is 12. I work out and eat right. I don't like the word diet. You have to make it a lifestyle. If you want to eat right, you have to make it your lifestyle. Of course, I have my cheat days and I am about to have some nachos but I eat right most of the time, so I eat my proteins and vegetables and I juice a lot. When I juice, I do kale, cucumber, spinach, parsley, lemons, apples.
Were you always health- conscious?

To be honest, I wasn't all the time. I think getting older and wiser I am learning and appreciating the importance of it.
Do you have an exercise regimen?

I do strength training but I have to have a trainer. I would cheat if I had to do it by myself because as soon as I feel the pain, I'm like, I'm good. Having someone there, even a girlfriend, to go to the gym, I have to have that motivation. If I don't have that, I will cheat. I know a lot of people are like that so I have to have a partner, whether a trainer or a friend to go with. For my cardio, I like to do Tae Bo or Zumba. I personally don't like to run because I find that it's hard on my knees the older I get. You have to find what works for you.
What kind of mother are you?

I'm the cool mom. I'm the mom they can come to and tell me anything. I'm very open. I'll talk to them about anything, if they have any kind of issues whether it's sex, I'm very open. I was never the person to hold things in, and be scared to talk about it with my children. I think it's important that they hear from me as opposed to a stranger or some other kid. My children know that and they come to me about anything.
Your daughter Bria is pursuing modelling. Having been a model yourself, what lessons have you passed on to her?

I told her get used to them telling you 'no', and don't let it stop you; if this is what you want to do, then keep pursuing it. You get a lot of rejections no matter what. When I was modelling, sometimes I would get "you are too exotic, what are you?" because they couldn't figure out my ethnic mix. You have to be strong within yourself to be able to handle that, and she is. I am proud of her but she is very stubborn. I'm like listen, "Your daddy is Eddie Murphy, that is the key to get into the acting thing very easily", but she refuses to do that and wants to do it her way. She is going on auditions and I have to recognise that she is a very strong woman now and I am very proud of her and she just got a role in a TV show and that was through hard work and determination. I have to give it to her because if it were me, it would be 'yeah, I'm connected to Eddie Murphy.'
We watch you on VH1's Hollywood Exes. What's the latest?

We are waiting to see if we get picked up for another season. Our last season was the best, and I'd be very surprised if we are not picked up. I think by the end of the year, they have to tell us either yea or nay, but hopefully it's a yea.
Are there any behind-the-scenes catfights happening on the show or do you all get along?

Now there is a major issue. My girl Jessica Canseco has issues with Shamicka Lawrence and Andrea Kelly, and it's very real. If we do get picked up for a fourth season, it will be very interesting to see because we will be shooting and I'm sure they will have to come together and be in a room together, and I don't know how that is going to be. Actually, I'd like to be there myself to see that.
Will there be a reunion special?

We never got asked to do a reunion. I guess you have to be really buck wild and fight for real and throw blows, but I can't see myself actually doing that because I am a mother. I believe you have to set an example for your children and I think you can handle issues by words; you don't have to use fists. The only time I will use a fist is to protect my children, my loved one or me. I don't think it's that important to fight another chick over some drama.
You attract a lot of high-profile men in your personal space. Are you currently single?

I am very single. It is a little weird because I'm a woman who is used to being in relationships. I have always been in a relationship. I was with Eddie for 17 years, and married to him for 12-and-a-half years. Then I was with Michael for almost eight years.
Any hope of a reconciliation with Mr Strahan?

You never know. Maybe. But I am just in chill mode right now.
Would he have to make the first move or would you?

It depends on the situation.
What's new with Nicole?

Right now, I have a Destiny Moscato that I'm very proud of -- it's my favourite drink. I am very impassioned about it. When it came to the tastings, I was very involved. We are based in Houston. The line is called the Jewel Collection, one is called Diamond and the other is Ruby. The Diamond is more citrus, vanilla flavours and a little light. The Ruby has more peach and is sweeter. When you open the bottle, it pops like a Champagne, so you can use it for celebration. It's very elegant and sexy. We just launched it in Houston and we are about to launch in New Orleans. I am doing the Bayou Classic as well, and my Destiny Moscato will be there. We are also going to Europe.
What perfume are you spraying?

It's called (Apothia) If, and is available at Fred Segal and Barneys. I use the lotion and an oil. I'm not big on a lot of perfumes, it has to smell clean and when I wear it, people always stop. It's a unisex fragrance. And guess what? Michael (Strahan) wears it too now.
Flats or stilettos?

Stilettos because they are sexy as hell.
Jeans or an LBD?

I like both. It depends on the jeans, though. An LBD is really sexy but a cute, sexy, jeans that is tight, and cropped with stilettos is hot.
What are your five must-have style essentials?

Fly shoes, stilettos, cute earrings, a fly watch and a fly dress.
Who is your favourite designer?

Right now I'm feeling Walter Mendez. I wore his dress to the OCEAN Style Eyes Wide Shut party at Rose Hall Great House. His stuff is so sexy. He has beautiful long gowns that cut the body right. He's a perfect fit for me.
What's your idea of the perfect man?

A man who likes to do everything I like to do.
What's your idea of the perfect date?

Great conversation, maybe a glass of Destiny Moscato and staring into each other's eyes.
Where will Nicole be five years from now?

Hopefully married. I would like to be married, honestly, and maybe living in Europe. Something different.
Have you always been this comfortable with Nicole?

I think that comes with age. I haven't always been this comfortable because when you are in your 20s, you think you know everything but you really know nothing. I think every five years you are learning something new, so I would say when I hit 40, I was like okay, I get it. And I'm still getting it. I am 46 now and still learning. I think as women we just get stronger the older we get. You learn to know what you want and how you feel. I am not afraid to express myself anymore. That was one of my issues when I was younger. I was very timid and afraid to say how I was feeling at the moment. Now I have no problem saying what I want. I try to impart that to my daughters and let them know to say what they want.
You're a stunning 46-year-old woman. Do you believe you intimidate men?

I hear that I intimidate men. I like the alpha male. If you are an alpha male, you are not going to be intimidated, you are going to come up to me and talk to me. I have to have the male who is the strongest in the room. I like the male who all the other males look up to and want to be. I don't want my man to be the weak one. It will turn me off, to be honest with you.
So can he cry?

He can only cry with me but don't let anyone else see.

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