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Economic Exploitation Modern Slavery And Human Trafficking

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What is trafficking?
Human trafficking is the trading of men, women and children for the purpose of servitude and forced labor. It is one of the fastest growing criminal networks. The women and men are usually deceived and lured into prostitution with a promise of a job or some other opportunity that sounds to good to be true.  Human Trafficking has become a global enterprise affecting nearly every country in the world. The united nation has expressed their concerns It is a crime that shames us all.
Trafficking has been growing rapidly in poorer caribbean countries especially Jamaica, in the beginning of the mid  90s there has been an increase in the dissappearances of young black women that have been promised jobs abroad, but instead have been groomed for the sex industry.


This is not only happening in poor caribbean islands, the same thing is happening everywhere in the world, but There is very little attention given on the topic in the caribbean. The caribean islands has become a haven for traffickers Epecially when the traffickers are from rich families and can buy their way through and out.
While  trafficking is definitely very prevalent in poorer caribbean countries, it is very common in the USA, Canada and other developed nations too. One of the most common trafficking ploys in the caribbean is the trafficker offering the victim a  job to work as a waitress in the USA.
Sadly, many fall for it and end up being forced or groomed into doing other things  instead.Which also means that many victims that do not understand about trafficking; nor do not realise that they have been trafficked ended up in jails doing time for things they have been groomed into.  A vast number of these  caribbean victims have been physically and mentally abused, but lots of these victims still believed that they have been given opportunities and have been taken out of poverty. 

Sadly, indications point toward most trafficked persons as never being formally identified - a cruel twist which denies them assistance when they most critically need it.  Lots of very poor caribbean women do not understand about trafficking, individual factors are illiteracy, poverty, homelessness and unemployment - all prevailing factors.

Because of fear mongering about immigration and authorities told to the victims by their traffickers Many victims are stunned into silence. They have little or no  financial security and dependency on their traffickers is quite common,Some victims  have become too  afraid of the authorities. Trafficking can occur at any time and at any place and country and there is no one way to spot traffickers or victims that are trafficked. Traffickers are from various communities all ages and races.
Black girls and women from the caribbean are too often left out of the public outcry against sexual exploitation, and instead are presented as “prostitutes.   Latent in our willingness to cast them as willing participants in this underground economy are racialized gender stereotypes about the hyper-sexualization of Black girls—a myth that was historically used to justify the rape of enslaved Black females, and which has since morphed into a stereotype about “fast” Black girls that renders them vulnerable to multiple forms of abuse.

But this cannot continue. We have a responsibility to address the acts of terror that objectify and victimize girls, of all racial and ethnic affiliations.
Very often, caribbean women and men victims of trafficking continue to do what they’re doing because they’re afraid of the authorities. Even when they have a chance they have been convinced by the traffickers that certain immigrants get no help.
Which is not true. Trafficking is a crime and irrespective of your  status or what country you are from, the authorities will be willing to help.    Illiteracy, border agency fears, history of physical or sexual abuse, homelessness, drug use,  prevents some victims from seeking help.

The land lady and land lord traffickers

But this cannot continue. We have a responsibility to address the acts of terror that objectify and victimize girls, of all racial and ethnic affiliations.
Very often, caribbean women and men victims of trafficking continue to do what they’re doing because they’re afraid of the authorities. Even when they have a chance they have been convinced by the traffickers that certain immigrants get no help.
Which is not true. Trafficking is a crime and irrespective of your status or where you are from, the authorities will be willing to help.    Illiteracy, border agency fears, history of physical or sexual abuse, homelessness, drug use,  prevents some victims from seeking help.

It Can’t Happen to ME

The truth is it could really happen to almost anyone, in any part of the world. However, the key is to stay cautious and use your common sense when interacting with anyone on or offline. If you are travelling overseas, make sure your family know all the details about who you’re going to meet and where you will be staying etc.

Age paper traffickers:

DOB Trafficking: The age paper traffickers are mostly done in poor countries and in communities that are underfunded. The targets are mostly young poor people that are desparately seeking employment trying to lift themselves out of poverty. The date of birth/ age paper gangs are those that go around telling people that they can hook them up with jobs abroad. They tell women and men to submit their DOB age paper at their offices for processing. They tell these unsuspecting victims that for them to get overseas jobs they need to bring in their age paper and leave it at their offices.

When the job seekers do not hear anything more from these false agents, they become suspicious and try to retrieve their documents without realising that these people already made multiple copies.Sometime Corupt officials participate.

Job center and phone companies traffickers.

Have some of you ever wondered why you've been searching for jobs months on end without picking up anything? That is because you are on a trafficking list. Job center traffickers look through  various people's details. They would then go on to choose the most vulnerable or young and they sell their details to trafficking rings/gangs and have them followed until eventually they go missing.

These traffickers have people holding positions throughout various data centers. Once they spot a victim's details the traffickers are alerted. People smugglers like to take up positions where they are in charge of personal data. Which also means that some phone company workers that are part of the trafficking scheme are also given the details of the victims.

Shop worker traffickers

The shop worker traffickers normally have three or four permanent staffs, which are either close friends or relatives. The rest that come after are people that are to be trafficked. They are mostly young men and women, some of whom developed intimate relationships with their managers, and then they are put on a trafficking list. You will find that every few months there is a new set of workers but the permanent three or four is still there.
  In poor caribbean countries

In some shops in the caribbean; The girls work off commission, the traffickers would leave the shop worker large amount of tips, and sometimes buy them expensive gifts. A few months on one of the girls would be put on a trafficking list and later on would fly out of the country with their new friend,unaware that the friend is part of a trafficking ring .  Trafficking can occur at any time and at any place and country, and there is no one way to spot traffickers or victims that are trafficked.

Black females are 60% of confirmed sex trafficking victims but under-represented in news coverage on missing children.
Traffickers are from various communities all ages and races.    Many experts conclude that a country is more likely to become a source of human trafficking  if it has experienced political upheaval, conflict,  economic crisis, or natural disaster, unemployment,  poverty and political social unrest.

Church Fake Pastor member traffickers.

These pastors run their businesses all over the world. These are normally done and executed cleverly because the pastor or mentor is seen as a God fearing man; a man of God a respectable and holy person in the community. Inside a full church the members would listen to strong sharp ceremonies about love, trust, immigration policies, politics and God.

The pastor would boasts about his blessings while expressing their thanks to ''God'  and other members that are close to the pastor would cheer him on, while giving their testimonies of blessings  in abundance. They would also play sweet melodic music to keep the audiences rocking, having a good time, singing, clapping and forgetting about their troubles and worries.

In the middle of the ceremony or at the near end the pastor would ask the members that need prayer to right down their full names, and sometimes personal details for prayers. The undercover trafficker posing as man of God, would then pass on the ones that they see fit for trafficking to trafficking gangs.

These are mostly done where there is a large caribbean community, because caribbean people are more gullible when it comes on to religion. However not all pastors are bad, but a good few number of pastors posing as God fearing christians, have been doing it for years. It is easier to do when the pastors do not stay on for too long at one church, they might go from churches to churches as vistors, preaching collecting lots of offerings and members personal details.

The pub/bar worker traffickers

These traffickers are mostly doing business in poor caribbean islands; lots of who are involved are business people native to that country,whilst others are from overseas.They prey on young black inner-city women that venture in wealthy areas to look for employment. The businesses are almost always in quiet non violent areas. These traffickers are moslty well off people that lives in various quiet and gated communities.  They specify that their workers must be young female and attractive. They would then alert their rich friends that are looking for young men and women, to lure to foreign countries as sex workers.  They would alert them to their new fresh employees, and the traffickers would  then seek them out for exploitation.

Trickeries:The managers would withhold payment from their female workers most weeks, pretending that the money is short while indirectly accusing their poor unsuspecting female victims of theft. The workers would get close to the gangs that drinks at the pubs, while explaining their plights to these men, the gangs would extend sympathy to the workers.

The workers do not know that their bosses are exploiting parading and selling them off  to people with unscrupulous characters. 

After weeks of not getting any salary, some of the young female workers would hook up with one of the regular rich spenders at the pubs, and walk off the job, while others that have a partner and in codependency relationships would seek employment elsewhere, leaving space for others

unsuspecting victim to be lured in the trafficking ring. The female identities and addresses are then passed on to various trafficking gangs, both local and foreign. The cycle goes on.   The united nations did warned that there are  likely to be a significant  increase in trafficking in the caribbean, as a result of the increased poverty and unemployment brought on by the global financial crisis.

The older business woman/man traffickers.

These women and men live in gated communities in the caribbean and europe and travel extensively. They are mostly in their thirties, forties and upwards.They sometimes run pubs and friendly eateries. They normally hosts parties every month and their visitors are normally white men in their thirties and upwards. They would invite young poor black caribbean girls to the parties and introduce them to the men. A few months after one or two of the young woman would be invited to travel abroad.

These older women or men like to latch on to younger women and men.  In exchange for their friendships,They are given gifts and taken to various parties,where they are introduced to a number of people,who tried to corupt them.

The Dating and friendship traffickers:


These traffickers are from various communities all ages and races. They go around seeking young men and women on various dating websites, in colleges, schools, universities or places where they hang out or work. The chosen victims are taken to various venues, parties and clubs so that buyers can feast their eyes on them.

The dater would then at some point start to flirt outrageously or dance suggestively with men if the dater is a girl or with women if the dater is a man. Trying to get their unsuspecting victim dating partner jealous hoping to stir a reaction, that would eventually lead the victim to intermingle and flirt with people in the venue.

Tired of being ignored, The victim would go on to dance or flirt with an unsuspecting trafficker,, that tries to extend sympathy to the victim. A few dates later If the circle of trafficking go according to plan; the victim would end up dancing in a night club or making a living from prostitution.  Others are sold for organs.

The Purpose (Why it is done)

For the purpose of exploitation,  sexual exploitation, forced labour, slavery or similar practices and the removal of organs.

The exhibitionists dater/trafficker

This dater is usually a man.  When he takes out a young lady it would normally be a place where there is a lot of dancing.  He is normally chatty with everyone until all eyes are on him and his date.  He would then take to the middle of the dance floor or stage if there is one,, and danced seductively trying to hold his dates attention hoping that she would eventually break out of her shell and become embolden to do the same. This type of secret grooming trains the victim to get use to dancing on a stage

He would then encourage her to take up night club dancing whilst grooming her for trafficking.   Studies have found that human trafficking  disproportionately  affects  women and girls. A 2009 U.N.  Office  on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) study found that, on average, 65%-75% of human trafficking  victims are women and 15%-25% are minors.

Child traffickers

Trafficking in human cargo is not a new phenomenon. But one aspect of the human trafficking equation that does not get the attention it deserves is child trafficking - particularly in the Caribbean.
Exploitative people, including traffickers, use psychological manipulation as the primary means of control. They come into the lives of vulnerable girls and boys online through social media, in-person at places like school and the mall, and through the established relationships that youth have in their families and communities.

Exploiters get to know a youth's vulnerabilities in order to become the person that the child desires to have in their life. Once trust is gained, exploitation begins.
There is an estimate of that 2 million women and children are victims of human trafficking every year.

There are more slaves today than any other time in human history: Human trafficking is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world, second only to drug trafficking. And while drugs can be sold once, a person can be sold several times a day. It’s a business that brings in an estimated $150 billion every year.

Every year, thousands of men, women and children fall into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad. Almost every country in the world is affected by trafficking, whether as a country of origin, transit or destination for victims.

How the traffickers think:

1 - Pretender -- Someone who pretends to be something s/he is not, such as a boyfriend, a big sister, a father, etc.

2 - Provider -- Someone who offers to take care of an individual's needs, such as for clothes, food, a place to live, etc or their wants, like cool cell phones, purses, parties, etc.

3 - Promiser -- Someone who promises access to great things, like an amazing job, a glamorous lifestyle, travel, etc.

4 - Protector -- Someone who uses physical power or intimidation to protect (but also control) an individual.

5 - Punisher -- Someone who uses violence and threats to control an individual. When the previous disguises have been exhausted, an exploitative person often becomes a Punisher to maintain control.

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