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Kidnappings: In the Minds of the kidnappers.

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Every year a vast number of people especially women and children are put on a kidnapping list without them even realising.   Lots of people take part in kidnappings especially when they know that money is involved. Kidnappings occur all over the world and for all sorts of reasons. Kidnappings involve family members, business people,sexual predators,ransom seekers, people that kill  others for fun, thrill seekers,sociopaths and psycopaths.  

There is no typical abduction.  Some kidnappers befriend women and children and lavish them with gifts to try to lure them away from their families and friends.  Others will invite their victims to take a walk, hike or go on a holiday trip.  Some kidnappers will try to encourage their victims not to tell anyone where they are going or what country they will be travelling to.  If someone buys you a ticket to travel abroad and tell you to keep it a secret your red light should immediatly start to go off.

Also if a person befriends you wihout you knowing that they are part of a kidnapping ring, and invites you to visit a country.  If you then say to your friend that you've got familiy members living in that country and upon arrival you would like to go say hi and introduce you to them: if your  new and extremely kind friend suddenly start to distant themselves from you, after you told them that you've got family in that country, then consider yourself the one that got away.  Chances are they were planning to lure you into a kidnapping trap/ring.  Lots of kidnappings also include the kidnappers extended families, relatives,friends and friends of friends.  They sometimes do a code of silence so if they are caught by the police only one family member do time leaving the rest of kidnappers to carry on the trade.

modern kidnappings.
We are now living in modern times and kidnappers are now using social media to lure their victims.  If the first kidnapper did not manage to kidnapp the person they send others to do the job by making contact with them on social media.  Inviting them  on romantic or friendship trips and holidays.

As more and more people travel throughout the world, the oft-quoted advice to always fight your would-be abductor requires some reconsideration. While on rare occasions, it's best to cooperate, the situation may call for immediate escape, and you need to think fast and act decisively. Reading into your kidnapper and keeping well aware of your surroundings may save your life.

There are other scenarios of kidnappings where the potential kidnappers send someone to befriend the victim forming close bond so that they will know their wherabouts at all times.  Authorities and investigators claimed that Most people that are kidnapped almost the majority know or come into close contact with the people that are involved with them being kidnapped.

 If you suspect that you are being closely followed by kidnappers  for the most part, be loud, scream, and yell that you are not going with this person(s) voluntarily.
If the kidnappers get into a physical scuffle with you Fight, bite, kick and scratch. If the perpetrator is a male then strike him in the balls. If you are too close to kick him there then grab squeeze and twist his nuts. Fight dirty - go for the eyes and throat. A quick thrust to the throat can put any sized man down. Your life depends on thwarting the attempt or drawing enough attention to yourself that people or witnesses will call law enforcement for assistance.

If you have a cell phone and have a emergency button to call 9-1-1,  for USA and 999 for UK.  Use it immediately and keep the cell phone on as long as you can. The police may be able to track you if the phone is GPS enabled. I don't believe you can negotiate when you are in danger with deranged kidnappers who have already decided, in their demented minds, what injuries they will inflict upon their victims.

In the USA and UK, most kidnappings are NOT for ransom like in other parts of this world.  In certain countries many businesses purchase Kidnapping Insurance for their executives and their families. Many kidnappers are aware of the insurance and the amount of money the insurance policy will pay out. Those kidnappers will negotiate your release. But it may come at serious physical and emotional damaged price too.

First and foremost, try to avoid bad things from happening. If you must travel, walk, or bike through areas, be aware of your surroundings. Women should not park and walk through the ghetto or other such areas alone. Take a friend, work associate, or anyone else if you must be there. Stay in pairs.

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