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How To Tell If You Are Dating A Man That Has Deep Hatred For Women

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If he has done any of this to you or your female friends, then you or her is dating a serial misogynists.  A lot of men that secretly hate women lead double lives.  They are sometimes trapped in a relationship with a woman even though they do not fancy women.  This can cause lot of resentment towards female.

Women  are free to do what they want with both men and women in the bedroom with little or no consequences;  while they the men have to approach with caution while still hiding might have helped to stir tensions and fuel the sting of hate that some women have been complaining about.  That still is not enough of an excuse to become abusive towards women.  Abuse is just plain wrong.

Tell tale signs that he really hates women.

He will zero in on a woman and choose her as his prime target. Her natural defenses may be down because he’s flirtatious, exciting, fun, and charismatic at first.

As time goes on, he begins to reveal a Jekyll & Hyde personality. He may change quickly from irresistible to rude, and from rude back to irresistible.
He will make promises to women and often fail to keep them. With men, on the other hand, he will almost always keep his word.

He will be late for appointments and dates with women, but be quite punctual with men.
His behavior toward women in general is grandiose, cocky, controlling, and self-centered.

He is extremely competitive, especially with women. If a woman does better than him socially or professionally, he feels terrible. If a man does better, he may have mixed feelings about it but he is able to look at the situation objectively.

He will unknowingly treat women differently from men in workplace and social settings, allowing men various liberties for which he will criticize female colleagues or friends.

He will be prepared (unconsciously) to use anything within his power to make women feel miserable. He may demand sex or withhold sex in his relationships, make jokes about women or put them down in public, “borrow” their ideas in professional contexts without giving them credit, or borrow money from them without paying them back.

On a date, he will treat a woman the opposite of how she prefers. If she is an old-style lady who prefers a "gentleman" who holds the door for her, orders for both and pays for the meal, he will treat her like one of his male buddies, order for himself, and let her pay for the whole meal if she offers (and sometimes even if she doesn’t). If she is a more independent type who prefers to order her own meal and pay for herself, he will rudely order for both and pay the check while she goes to the bathroom.

Sexually, he likes to control women and gives little or no attention to their sexual pleasure. Foreplay, if it occurs at all, is only a necessary means to an end. He likes oral sex but only as a recipient. His favorite positions enable him to avoid looking the woman in her eyes.

He will cheat on women he is dating or in a relationship with. Monogamy is the last thing he feels he owes a woman.
He may suddenly disappear from a relationship without ending it, but may come back three months later with an explanation designed to lure the woman back in.

Women haters (unconsciously) get off on treating women badly. Every time they can put down a woman or hurt her feelings, they unconsciously feel good because deep down in their hidden brain, their bad behavior is rewarded with a dose of the pleasure chemical dopamine—which makes them want to repeat the behavior again and again.

 Misogyny can be manifested in many ways, including sexual discrimination, denigration of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification of women.

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