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Young man 28, unwittingly streams his own shooting death on Facebook

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Antonio Perkins, 28, from Chicago, in the U.S, can be seen looking around in the footage, and then shots are heard.  The last visual images on the clip are of grass covered with blood, but the audio of people’s screams goes on for minutes.

like any other young man that is obsessed with taking selfies and filming themselves having a good time with their mates, he was no different.  Little did he know that it was going to be his last as the fun ended abruptly when the shots were fired at him.

He was confirmed dead at Mount Sinai hospital on Wednesday, 20 minutes after the shooting, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The video starts with Perkins and a woman drinking and playing around with his at around 8:45pm.  She hands the phone back to him, and he says: “Hot. Mom, I’m hot.”

Perkins then shows other friends on the phone, and baby strollers can be seen, and a little later a child can be heard.

Five minutes and a half minutes pass, then he looks up, looking off camera, and appears concerned.   He goes quiet, then someone says; ‘What?”

Perkins make a move as gunshots are heard. The phone hits the floor, and as people shout and cry, he seems to pick up the handset.

The grass can be seen with blood on it, and there is a brief clip of his face.   A man can be seen hiding behind a car – while someone can be heard shouting “Tony’s f****** down, n****!”

The screen is then black but people can be heard telling “Tony” to stay conscious, as well as cries of “Oh my God!”

Others are saying: “Call the police! Hurry up!” and another says: “Man somebody call an ambulance, please!”

The voices continue: “Tony! You good, Tony! You good, Tony!”   Another says: “He bleeding out his mouth and his nose right now.”

A woman distraught and shouting can be heard: “Baby, wake up! Tony, stay breathing! I love you! Tony, baby! Come on! Please!”

The onlookers can be heard arguing about whether they should turn him over, or if that will cause him to choke on his own blood.
Then ambulance crew can be heard arriving at th scene and they ask people to stand back.   Chicago has been gripped by a tide of violence this year – 278 people have been killed already – which is over half the total killed in 2015, according to The Chicago Tribune.

In January 58 people were killed, and in May 64 lost their lives.

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