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battle of the bandana

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1 battle of the bandana on Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:58 pm


Start by folding the scarf in half diagonally. You should have a triangle-shaped bandana in your hand now.
Step Two: Put the bandana on top of your head. The tip of the triangle should be pointed away from your face. The center part of the bandana (where you made the fold) should be in the middle of your forehead. Hold it in place.
Step Three: Take the end pieces of the bandana that are now hanging down around your ears and tie them at the back of your head. A single knot is fine, or make a double knot for more security.
Step Four: Make sure that the pointed piece of the triangle is tucked underneath your knot and you’re good to go!
The Forehead Wrap-Around
Step One: Hold the middle of scarf at the center of your forehead.
Step Two: Pull the ends of the scarf to the back of your head and push them underneath your hair. Tie them into a simple knot.
Step Three: Adjust the bandana to show the top of your hair but cover your forehead.

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