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Do girls look sexy while smoking?

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1 Do girls look sexy while smoking? on Tue Mar 29, 2016 10:33 am



Smoking, is primarily of tobacco, and marijuana is an activity that is practiced by some 1.1 billion people.   The image of the smoker can vary considerably, but is very often associated, especially in fiction, with individuality and aloofness.

 Even so, smoking of both tobacco and cannabis can be a social activity which serves as a reinforcement of social structures and is part of the cultural rituals of many and diverse social and ethnic groups. 

Many smokers begin smoking in social settings and the offering and sharing of a cigarette is often an important rite of initiation or simply a good excuse to start a conversation with strangers in many settings; in bars, night clubs, at work or on the street. Lighting a cigarette is often seen as an effective way of avoiding the appearance of idleness or mere loitering. For adolescents.

The most popular type of substance that is smoked is tobacco. There are many different tobacco cultivars which are made into a wide variety of mixtures and brands. Tobacco is often sold flavored, often with various fruit aromas, something which is especially popular for use with water pipes, such as hookahs. 

The second most common substance that is smoked is cannabis, made from the flowers or leaves of Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica. 

The substance is considered illegal in most countries in the world and in those countries that tolerate public consumption, it is usually only pseudo-legal. Despite this, a considerable percentage of the adult population in many countries have tried it with a growing trend among people from various social and ethnic groups doing it on a regular basis. 

A few other recreational drugs are smoked by smaller minorities. Most of these substances are controlled, and some are considerably more intoxicating than either tobacco or cannabis. These include crack cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and PCP. A small number of psychedelic drugs are also smoked, including DMT, 5-Meo-DMT, and Salvia divinorum.

Even the most primitive form of smoking requires tools of some sort to perform. This has resulted in a staggering variety of smoking tools and paraphernalia from all over the world. Whether tobacco, cannabis, opium or herbs, some form of receptacle is required along with a source of fire to light the mixture. 

The most common today is by far the cigarette, consisting of a mild inhalant strain of tobacco in a tightly rolled tube of paper, usually manufactured industrially and including a filter, or hand-rolled with loose tobacco. Other popular smoking tools are various pipes and cigars.

A less common but increasingly popular alternative to smoking is vaporizers, which use hot air convection to deliver the substance without combustion, thereby decreasing health risk to the lungs. A portable vaporization alternative appeared in 2003 with the introduction of electronic cigarettes, battery-operated, cigarette-shaped devices which produce an aerosol intended to mimic the smoke from burning tobacco, delivering nicotine to the user without carbon monoxide and other harmful substances released in tobacco smoke. Claims that electronic cigarettes are overall less harmful to use than real cigarettes are, however, disputed by whom?, as is their legal status in many countries.

Cigarettes and smoking were once an indicator of danger, of going against the rules, of being a bit of a rebel.  The kinds of women who smoked would wear short skirts, go skinny-dipping, maybe get stoned or even have sex.  Girls who smoked were party girls, and that, once upon a time, was seen as hot.

Other than actual smoking equipment, many other items are associated with smoking; cigarette cases, cigar boxes, lighters, matchboxes, cigarette holders, cigar holders, ashtrays, silent butlers, pipe cleaners, tobacco cutters, match stands, pipe tampers, cigarette companions and so on. Many of these have become valuable collector items and particularly ornate and antique items can fetch high prices at the finest auction houses.

Now that we know as much as we do about smoking and its effects, and how it once was,  Perhaps something about smoking still resonates with you, though.  Maybe you're attracted to the wild child, to the women who seems a little dangerous. 

In the early 90s,it was cool and modern to smoke like chimneys that somehow got signalled as 'cool'.Who can forget "red and white peene waloon ki baat hi kuch aur hei"?. That was also the time girls with glasses had trouble marrying.  Women smoking is now declining in the developed world and increasing in the developing world.  Apparently it is a growing trend in developing countries.  

Any thoughts on the matter and what could be causing this. Don't you know how stressful it is to be beautiful and cool.

I would like to know your opinion on women who smoke cigarettes. 

Do you find it sexy?

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