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Show off your shape and stand out in figure hugging bodycon dresses.

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Wearing a bodycon dress is a bold statement of self-esteem and body confidence. The name of the dress comes from a contraction of the phrase body conscious. Made from lycra composites, this dress clings tightly to the body, showcasing the figure, and leaving little to the imagination. 

Bodycon dresses must be accessorised correctly to avoid an unmitigated disaster. That means, choosing the right shoes or boots, tights, belt, jacket, and jewellery. The tight fitting nature of the dress means that it is even more important than usual to wear the right underwear. Bodycon dresses can be accessorised for both day and evening wear.

Bodycon dresses cling to every curve and bump of the body, so it takes a confident woman to successfully carry the look off. The form-fitting nature of the dress emphasises the silhouette and lends itself most successfully to slim and curvaceous women.

Correctly accessorising a bodycon dress is the key to a successful outfit. Traditionally, bodycon dresses are worn as evening wear, with elegant or glamorous accessories. 

It is becoming increasingly popular to combine shorter bodycon dresses with other garments or accessories to create a suitable everyday outfit, without the wearer looking out of place. Buyers should choose their accessories carefully to create a daring, but stunning look.

High heeled shoes and boots, with a stiletto heel are very popular when paired with a bodycon dress, especially for evening wear. Thigh high boots are daring, and can create a sexy, sensual look. Add a stiletto heel to these boots and the bodycon dress tells every observer that the wearer is a confident woman: very comfortable in her own skin. Flat shoes of a matching colour or theme to the dress are a good choice when dressing down a bodycon dress for daywear. Sandals are also an option in warmer weather.

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